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Terrorists Among Us

BY MICAH ZENKO OCTOBER 21, 2014 @MicahZenko As they have been intermittently since 9/11, Americans are again terrified about terrorism. Those who think a domestic terrorist attack is "likely" in the next few months increased by 10 percentage points from March to September, while the percentage who think the country is "less safe" than before... Continue Reading →

America’s 500th Drone Strike

The most consistent and era-defining tactic of America’s post-9/11 counterterrorism strategies has been the targeted killing of suspected terrorists and militants outside of defined battlefields. As one senior Bush administration official explained in October 2001, “The president has given the [CIA] the green light to do whatever is necessary. Lethal operations that were unthinkable pre-September... Continue Reading →

N. Korea Fires up Plutonium Processing Plant

Satellite imagery shows Pyongyang is firing up facility for processing weapons-grade plutonium, says US-Korea institute. New satellite imagery suggests North Korea may be firing up a facility for processing weapons-grade plutonium, as the authorities threatened a fresh nuclear test in response to UN condemnation of its rights record. The images show steam rising from a... Continue Reading →

Turkish President: Men and Women Cannot be Equal

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Monday took issue with gender equality, saying that women and men cannot be equal because they have different “natures and bodies.” “You cannot make women and men equal; this is against nature,” Erdoğan said while addressing a meeting of an association promoting women rights in Ankara. “You cannot subject... Continue Reading →

New appeal on concealed gun law change

Anti-gun violence group still wants to intervene in weapons case By Kristina Davis10:05 A.M.NOV. 26, 2014Updated10:53 A.M. SAN DIEGO — A national anti-gun violence group is asking a larger panel of federal appeals court judges to reconsider letting it intervene in that case that would loosen restrictions on Californians carrying concealed weapons. The Brady Center... Continue Reading →

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