LOS ANGELES, CAWarren Pulley a personal protection specialist, school safety expert and the owner of RyPul Threat Assessments, will appear at the Valley Vista High School located at 9600 Dolphin Ave in Fountain Valley, CA, on December 12, 2014 at 11:00 am, Valley Vista High School is part of the Huntington Beach School District. Pulley will appear with John Paul Dejoria of John Paul Mitchell Salons and Parton Tequila fame, as well as with the ownership group of Safer Schools for America (SSFA) which specializes in manufacturing ballistic safety products and assisting school systems in obtaining these ballistic protective items that help protect school children throughout the United States.


John Paul Dejoria and Safer Schools for America (SSFA) will announce the donation of a bullet resistant school protection system as well as provide information on how school systems nationwide can take advantage of a very exciting ROK Mobile and Safer School Schools for America fundraising program which can provide local school PTA’s Nationwide with a dedicated source of residual fundraising monies, if the local PTA decides to take advantage of the ROK mobile fundraising offer. Once enrolled these funds can be used by the local PTA to aid their local school systems in the acquisition of security personnel, ground security or security technology.

Pulley who is a Certified Worldwide Protection Specialist and believes that the conversation on how to achieve true school protection without the scare tactics is way past due, is pleased to be a part of the great work the John Paul Dejoria, Safer Schools for America (SSFA) and ROK Mobile are doing in helping accomplish the goal of safer school campuses throughout America with the use of effective manufactured ballistic school protection systems.

RyPul Threat Assessments motto is “Detect, Design, Defend”

Warren Pulley is listed as a subject matter expert on topics such as School Safety, Personal Protection, Site Threat Assessments and Force protection within expert databases such as Zintro and AllExperts. You can also find RyPul Threat Assessments on Twitter, Facebook and on the web at www.rypulassessments.com. Pulley has also been a featured speaker and local school systems nationwide, appeared in television interviews, participated in local town halls and consulted on high threat security projects around the world. For additional information please visit www.rypulassessments, www.rokmobile.com or www.saferschoolsforamerica.com.