Children Deserve Effective School Protection Fundraiser

Please help me protect all of America’s children today.

Since the tragic Sandy Hook elementary school shooting of December 2012, over 74 other school shootings have taken place all over the US, putting our children’s lives in danger. Children are our most precious assets, innocent pillars of the future that we need to cherish and protect. The past few years have shown that our current system of camera surveillance, locked gates, badge scanners and additional police officers on campuses is not stemming the threat of violence that threatens our children’s life.

Studies show that what we really need is a system that uses bullet resistant ballistic door products, movable ballistic whiteboards, wireless remote door locks and liquid window film technology. Together, these materials are proven to truly stop violence at our children’s schools, as quoted by the CEO of Safer Schools for America “Bullet-resistant products are used by the banks, by liquor stores, by the police authority, by airlines to protect their pilots. If it’s good for all of them, we believe that it’s really good for our children and our teachers at school,

And I truly believe the time is right now to end this threat of death on school campuses as the result of gunfire as the owner of a professional threat assessment company, a certified personal protection specialist, a former law enforcement officer and, most importantly, a parent myself, I am committed to keeping our children safe. I hope you help me in this quest by donating to this cause – I will make sure that 100% of the proceeds go towards campuses that desperately need ballistic school protection systems. Help me keep our children, and future safe – donate today!

Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.


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