Safer Schools for America

It is hard for any of us to accept the fact that School Shootings have gone rampant and are now a daily occurrence.

Dec 7, 2014 As It Happens:
100 School Shootings since Sandy Hook

Yet there are those who still refuse to believe that a shooting can happen at their school.

Safer Schools for AmericaLaw enforcement officials predict that school incidences will double in 2015 which is more than 200 in One Year! School Security Officials need to understand that Security Camera’s and Extra On Campus Guards will not stop a BULLET and Gun Control efforts will not affect the weapons that are on the black market TODAY!

“Extra layers of protection are never a bad idea. Every school in America should install the SSFA Insta Remote Lock and Bullet Resistant Door Shield to harden the target, turning your classroom into a Safe room” …..Sgt. James Ream, LAUSD Police Officer

Safer Schools for America

School Districts need to adopt what Banks * Police Stations * Courts * Airlines * Government Facilities have done by hardening the target using bullet proof products to protect their customers and employees.

Installing the SSFA Bullet Resistant Door Shield prevents a violator from shooting down a normal classroom door. The Insta Remote Lock enables the teacher to lock the classroom door from 75 feet away! This combination Hardens the Target and turns a classroom into a safer environment. Installs in less than 30 minutes per classroom Can be installed after school hours and is a Low Cost ONE Time Expense vs Monthly maintenance of Camera Systems or Salaries for Security guards.

Safer Schools for America

Parents used to view schools as a safe haven; they were content knowing their children were safe at school. It is supposed to be a place of learning, sharing and fun times. So much has changed when our educators have to take their attention off of teaching and worry about being trained to handle a weapon, take down an assailant and learn escape routes. Parents fear for their children’s lives every day they drop them off; wondering will today be our school?

Safer Schools for America

Violence has evolved. It goes after the easy target. Safer Schools For America refuses to allow our educators and students to be that target. We are committed to supporting our School Districts so they can put their focus back on their core responsibility; Educating our future.


Safer Schools for America

Through National TV Media, Social Media and Print, Safer Schools For America is bringing to the awareness of the American people and sending a message to the offenders that a School and Classroom Protection System is now available and will be installed systematically across the nation making our schools a harder target and giving parents and teachers peace of mind. Attackers will know that schools will no longer be victims and will look elsewhere to cause their damage. LEARN MORE and see our SPS system in action GO TO:

Click HERE to take advantage of the CSBA AEC show specials Available until Jan. 31st 2015


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