ROK MOBILE in conjunction with Safer Schools for America will be Installing the Classroom Protection Instant Remote Lock System at VALLEY VISTA HIGH SCHOOL, FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA.

Los Angeles, CA, January 12, 2015—John Paul DeJoria, well-known for John Paul Mitchell Hair Care, Patron Tequila, and the recently-launched ROK Mobile, together with Safer Schools for America (SSFA), announced today that they will be installing the Instant Remote Lockdown Protection System at Valley Vista High School in Huntington Beach, California on January 13, 2015.

With the number of School Shootings continuing to rise at an alarming rate, ROK MOBILE who is introducing the latest cutting edge cell phone program will be working with PTA’s on a nationwide fund raiser program that will contribute $24/yr per activation to School Districts for discretionary needs such as School Security etc. Meanwhile, Safer Schools For America will match dollar for dollar all funds procured in Certified Bullet Resistant Security Products.

FACTS: There have been 100 School Shootings since Sandy Hook in December of 2012. -The latest School Shootings: Marysville High School in Washington Five students were killed and just a few days ago the shooting at Florida State University where three students were wounded.

Our goal is to make the American people aware through nationwide Media campaigns, that a bullet resistant system is available and affordable. Parents have the right to know that a system is available now, and it would help safe guard their children at school. We may not be able to prevent the violence from occurring, but we can reduce the risk and protect our children and teachers from being hurt. Protecting them in the same way the airlines protect their pilots; by placing them behind bullet resistant doors. School Police Security nationwide support our School Protection System as it hardens the target preventing a shooter from blasting through a classroom door.

We applaud John Paul and the ROK Mobile Team for creating a Fund Raiser Program that would contribute Millions of Dollars to School Districts through the hard work of our local PTA’s.

For further information please visit or or Call 562-531-1964



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