Hybrid Firepower: Serbu Firearms’ SU-15 Rifle

Serbu Firearms’ SU-15 upper brings AK operation to the AR platform! OCT 12, 2015 BY DAVE BAHDE 1 of 2 With its unique hybrid design, Serbu Firearms’ new SU-15 upper allows shooters to keep the ergonomics, accuracy and parts interchangeability of the AR platform while increasing its reliability. It’s hard to argue against the ergonomics... Continue Reading →


Italy grandpa used toddler ‘as shield’ in deadly mafia war

Rome (AFP) - A toddler killed in a clan war which prompted Pope Francis to excommunicate all mafia members was being used as a human shield by his grandfather, Italy's top anti-mafia prosecutor said Monday. Italian police said two people had carried out the bloody attack, which saw three-year-old "Coco" Campolongo shot in the head... Continue Reading →

U.S. Marines, Gabonese Share Tactics

PONGARA, Gabon -- U.S. Marines and Gabon’s Agence Nationale des Parcs Nationaux, or ANPN, worked together Sept. 14-25, at the Pongara National Forest to help the nation’s fight against wildlife trafficking. At the request of the Gabonese government and through coordination with the U.S. Embassy in Libreville, the Marines and sailors with Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Behind El Salvador’s IEDs

A string of ad libbed dangerous gadgets (IEDs) have El Salvador's powers hunting down offenders and thought processes behind the assaults. The IEDs have been heaping up. The most recent went ahead September 10, when police said three unidentified men had exploded an IED outside El Salvador's Treasury Department. (See photograph beneath) It was the... Continue Reading →

Middle East Threat Assessment Specialist Assist In US Public School Security

RyPul Threat Assessments has partnered with national bullet proof companies, glass protection experts and weapons manufactures to help devise bullet resistant products that can assist in the protection of life on US school campuses, in residential properties and workplaces around the country. Warren Pulley is the owner of RyPul Threat Assessments LLC, which specializes in... Continue Reading →

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