Safer America Markets Bullet Resistant Door Shields and Products to Schools Nationwide

By Warren Pulley, CEO, RyPul Threat Assessments

We’ve known about impenetrable vests and impenetrable glass, however one organization is trusting its item could make the classroom more impenetrable. It makes an entryway it says can help keep understudies and instructors safe amid a school shooting.

The thought of an “impenetrable” school may not sound like a benevolent situation. Be that as it may, it could make grounds more secure, particularly with the ascent of school shootings. A California organization asserts its item will keep understudies and educators inside the classroom more secure.

At a shooting show on the Prado Shooting Range in Chino, it was anything but difficult to see that even a strong wooden entryway with a “door shield” as no match for a handgun, an item that claims to have the capacity to make entryways impenetrable was additionally illustrated. “Bullet resistant items are utilized by the banks, by alcohol stores, by the police power, via carriers to ensure their pilots.

The organization, called Safer Schools for America, is presently showcasing what it calls the Door Shield. It’s an item the organization says may have spared lives at, for instance, the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut eighteen months prior.

The Door Shield is made of Level-3-appraised fiberglass.

Taking a gander at the front side of the entryway, you can see every one of the rounds let go into it. Venture around and look where the shield is, you can see not a solitary round experienced.

The organization likewise offers a remote-control entryway locking instrument. To introduce the remote-controlled entryway locks costs about $500. The Door Shield speaks the truth the same. Is it justified, despite all the trouble?

“It’s frightening to believe that that is the thing that the world has go to, that some individual needs to think about a thought to do that,” said Riverside occupant Jackie Mier.


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