Designing security systems and protective solutions that enable U.S. citizens to feel safe and secure in their schools, homes, businesses and public facilities.

About RyPul Threat Assessments Vision statement “RyPul is committed to providing world-class security, protection, and peace of mind to all Americans, we strive daily to become the  industry leader in personal security operations, building security planning and physical security options.” Mission statement “RyPul Threat Assessments is focused on offering experts consultants, physical security specialists and security... Continue Reading →

Jamaica: More Proof that Gun Control Doesn’t Work — The Truth About Guns The documentary video below offers proof — if proof be needed — that gun control doesn’t work. Despite Jamaica’s “tough” gun control laws, the island nation is awash with illegally held firearms and plagued by endless “gun violence.” Make no mistake: Jamaican gun control laws are as draconian as The Brady Campaign or Everytown... Continue Reading →

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