California Considering Armored Transport for Cannabis Cash a 2018 Requirement

California Cannabis Companies Dealing In All-Cash Transactions Should Seek Professional Cash Transport Services Before The 2018 State Legalization Rush.

Los Angeles, Calif. – Nov. 8, 2017 – PRLog — Project 7 Security Group, a California Licensed PPO Security Company offers Marijuana and Cannabis related businesses a safe, affordable, low-profile and highly secure means to transport CANNABIS CASH OR CURRENCY throughout the State of California.


Although marijuana sales, grow, purchase and use are still outlawed under Federal Law, the State of California still requires cannabis-related businesses pay local and or State taxes on all transactions conducted within the State.

Project 7 Security Group has the expertise and experience in the area of armored car cash transport services up and down the State of California and can assist your business with CANNABIS CASH OR CURRENCY security-related transport functions today.

In 2018 all California Cannabis businesses will be most likely be required to contract and use armored transports services in order to ensure criminal enterprises are unable to take advantage of the large infusion of cash cannabis-related businesses are sure to see in January 2018.

Project 7 Security Group recommends that you get ahead of the coming regulations and put your CANNABIS CASH OR CURRENCY transportation security plans in place today!

Project 7 understands the need for operational solutions when supporting critical business security operations in the United States. Project 7 security group consultants are trained to detect you and/or your institution’s vulnerabilities, then assist you in designing a proactive defense, whether in a mobile or static posture.

We can help secure your CANNABIS CASH OR CURRENCY bottom line.

Find us on the web at

CA PPO #119834

Project 7 Security Group
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Business Phone: (800) 560-3103


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