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June 6, 2019 – RyPul Media Assessment Press

Today’s social media information consumers are often divided between those who seek out branded content and those who merely try to understand how it is created.

As with traditional social media marketing, one important way to evaluate whether an online branded content creation model is in effect is by using social media analytics platform tools to try to establish a “social media’s” profile usage and ROI.

RyPul, a social media branding and content creation communications firm specializing in digital media, was founded in 2014. It was founded by Warren RyPul, and the firm helps clients craft social media marketing, brand awareness, digital media strategies, content creation and public information relations programs to increase their credibility and visibility in the vast worldwide social media market.

As it happens, RyPul is also data-driven when it comes to marketing. In our latest report, “Social Media for Marketers: A Barometer for 500 Global Brands,” RyPul analyzes the social media profiles of 50 of the 500 top global brands to attempt to gauge how effective they are at acquiring brand-awareness, building social media audiences and influencing social media buyers.


RyPul Media

While the report is meant to provide benchmarks, it was also presented to those being surveyed in four rounds of questions. And that means that while the report is meant to indicate whether the brands are successful in different channels and areas of social media marketing, it’s also a best-case scenario.

The survey shows that the majority of brands view social media as a marketing channel.

But according to RyPul, that is not necessarily a positive. In fact, the study shows that the majority of the top brands (57 percent) do not consider social media to be a real marketing channel and thus they have given little thought on how to effectively use it to drive brand conversations.

CCSCLA Camera Recording Image

The study indicates that companies are still trying to figure out how to approach digital media in a way that attracts as much conversation as possible. More than half (57 percent) of the 500 companies do not have any publicly stated goals for social media marketing. A good percentage (56 percent) of those surveyed said that they were unsure as to how much time and effort they should be spending to get brand-building results.

The challenge, noted in RyPul’s research, is that the use of social media is changing rapidly. The survey shows that 77 percent of the top 500 companies have no idea what is happening in social media analytics. This all reflects that many companies do not necessarily understand what they are paying for when it comes to social media.

Few understand social media metrics. RyPul Media Assessments

Despite the fact that these top brands are wasting time and money trying to figure out whether the content they are creating is being effective, only 38 percent of the companies do understand whether their social media efforts are being measured in terms of ROI.

This is where RyPul Media Assessments comes in to help companies establish highly effective social media strategies and campaigns.

It should be noted that the goal of being measured in terms of ROI is a silly concept in the modern era. The goal of generating brand-awareness or driving traffic through social media platform is to better inform company executive’s in more effective ways in to build their brand appeal to wider markets.

For information on how to effectively target social media streams, manage social networks, create great sharable content, engage your specific online audience or build and grow your brands socially contact us today at contact@rypulassessments.com.

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