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Middle East Threat Assessment Specialist Assist In US Public School Security

RyPul Threat Assessments has partnered with national bullet proof companies, glass protection experts and weapons manufactures to help devise bullet resistant products that can assist in the protection of life on US school campuses, in residential properties and workplaces around the country.

Warren Pulley is the owner of RyPul Threat Assessments LLC, which specializes in assisting clients in learning how to defend and protect themselves on their campuses, workplaces or residences. Pulley believes this is much a needed service in Southern California, the United States and around the world.  As a Certified Worldwide Protection Specialist, trained by the U.S. State Department, Los Angeles Police Department and the U.S. Military, Pulley has worked in high threat environments around the world. Through RyPul Threat Assessments Pulley has now brought his skills home from the war zone and other high threat areas into our schools, residences and businesses near you. Pulley stated “as our country continues to experience the pains of school shootings, take-over robberies and work place violence involving guns, I decided that I needed to share my experience, training and expertise with anyone ready to take defense of themselves, their students, their homes, their businesses and employees to the next level”.

RyPul Threat Assessments motto is “Detect, Design, and Defend”

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RyPul Threat Assessments has taken on several clients in the United States since opening for business, RyPul has also partnered with bulletproof fabrication companies to help provide cost effective bulletproof products for clients at all levels and financial means.  As the owner of RyPul Threat and Site Assessments, Pulley has also appeared on network television, been interviewed by several regional media newspapers and visited local area schools to speak with students, teachers and administrators about the importance of being aware of security threats that may affect their environment. “

RyPul specializes in conducting School Threat Assessments, Residential Security Planning, Personal Protection Assessments, Site Security Planning, Asset Tagging and Tracking as well as providing physical Risk Mitigation Options.  RyPul Threat and Site Assessments can be found at

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Active School Shooters Are Not “Campus Visitors”

Dated October,12 2015

By Warren Pulley
CEO, RyPul Threat Assessments

RyPulLos Angeles, CA Securing school campuses around the country has become a major point of contention, with each side of the debate entrenched in the fact that they believe their ideas are the best and most reasonable. But the first thing school systems need to do is to stop designing protection plans as if active shooters are merely visitors to our campuses, when, in fact, they are killers at large.

Both sides do have some degree of support in their respective circles of influence, and in some cases, what each side is proposing just may work on a small, district-sized scale.  For instance, I often hear gun rights advocates supporting the idea of arming teachers as one of the most effective means of protection for our children while at school.  While this approach may have some effect on the active shooter, that shooter would have to encounter the armed teacher who is adequately trained to square off and stand in the line of fire with an armed intruder, and fire well-placed, consistent shots under pressure.  If all of those factors can be achieved them there is room for a measure of success.

However, in my professional opinion as a former police officer and current worldwide protective specialist, training a teacher to that level of profiency may require more instruction than most teachers or school systems are willing to dedicate.  On the other hand, I do support the deployment of more armed school resource officers and directed police patrols as a way to help in the deterrence of armed violence.  But in most cases, there are just not enough police professionals available to make a noticeable difference in the response times needed to make this approach effective as anything other than highly visible window dressing.

Then we come to the other side of the debate that insists on increased video surveillance, key card scanners, mental health legislation, limited entry and exit ways, metal detectors, student badges, etc.  Now, all of these things can make a difference – if used correctly all of the time, maintained in proper working order, are fully funded, and are used in conjunction with armed security staff.  We must remember that active shooters or armed intruders do not follow the standard protocol of using designated entry ways, nor do they wear badges that can be scanned, or stand in line to be processed into the school campus, or even really care about the presence of school video surveillance systems.  Active shooters arrive on our campuses with one single-minded purpose:  to inflict as many causalities as possible in the shortest amount of time before the arrival of highly trained, paid and competent security professionals.

And while the argument continues to rage about who is right or wrong, or best suited to draft policies that mitigate the loss of life and property damage on our school campuses, the active shooter is only doing one thing:  planning their next attack regardless of school policy, procedure or practice.

The active shooter will engage our children while they stand outside in perfect lines to be processed into our wholly unsecure campuses. The active shooter will do the evil deed of killing our children while being watched by the overpriced, high-definition camera systems that our school systems have purchased to watch and record the murder of our children.  And afterward, parents, educators and security professionals will launch into the debate about what to do.

I recently learned that a school system in this great nation came to the conclusion that the best way to deter a school shooter is to simply “move the doors on each of its campuses to a new location within the building.”  I am supposing that this idea will somehow confuse the shooter and cause them to just forego their intent?  I shook my head in disbelief while reading the article, and wondered just how idiotic we as a society have become.  And don’t get me started on one Alabama school district’s idea of simply having its children “throw canned goods at its armed intruders;” what poppycock.

The answer to our questions is extremely simple.  Let’s no longer debate the issue about the so-called “militarized look of our campuses,” as we already have that in place in nearly every school in the country with our high wire fences, armed security staffs, metal detector entry points, roving armed patrols, locked metal gates, key carded entryways and high frequency radios. Let’s simply utilize the current technology in place today.  Passive ballistic protection products are on the market which are already offered to police officers, food service workers, airline pilots and bank employees.  This low visibility and high protection option has become the gold standard for protecting against gun violence around the world.  Passive ballistic protection works.  Debate over.

Arrests Show Arrival of Barrio 18 Gang in Italy

Barrio 18 members arrested in Italy

Italian police arrested 15 suspected Barrio 18 members in Milan and other nearby cities in northern Italy, reported AFP.

The group — which was mostly comprised of Salvadorans but also reportedly included two Italians — is accused of crimes including extortion, drug trafficking, armed robbery and the attempted murder of a rival from the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) gang.

An Italian judge ordered the arrests following an investigation that began in January 2014 after a female Salvadoran accused one of the group’s members of sexually assaulting her, according to AFP.

SEE ALSO: Barrio 18 News and Profile

Central American gangs like Barrio 18 and MS13, which are known as “maras,” have been operating in Italy for years, particularly in northern immigrant communities, the report added.

InSight Crime Analysis

Over the last two years, security forces in both Italy and Spain have noted the expansion of the MS13 in Europe, and these latest report confirms they are not alone — their great rivals in Barrio 18 have also crossed the ocean.

The key question surrounding this development is whether the spread is a result of Central American migrants bringing mara street gang culture with them and setting up autonomous networks, or whether these new European based factions are running criminal operations with maras in Central America, suggesting the gangs have made the leap into transnational organizations.

Both gangs are also well established in parts of the United States and the US government has already designated the MS13 a transnational criminal organization, ranking them alongside criminal groups such as the Mexican cartels. However, despite evidence of cross-border collaboration in criminal activities, the decentralized nature and highly localized and territorial focus of the maras has always cast doubts on this classification.

There have also been reports of the Spanish maras coordinating with their counterparts in the Americas, but even if this level of cooperation were to expand, it is unlikely they would have the capacity to coordinate serious transatlantic criminal operations. If they were to seek to establish control over transnational activities such as drug trafficking in Europe, they also would likely encounter formidable opposition; in Spain drug trafficking and associated activities such as contract killing is largely controlled by offshoots of Colombian cartels, while Italy is the domain of powerful and well-connected mafias such as the ‘Ndrangheta.


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Paramount, CA January 15th, 2015 …. As school shootings soar to record highs and school budgets being the biggest hurdle to providing better school security safety products; ROK Mobile and Safer Schools For America have brought to the forefront a simple and quick way to protect our schools with Bullet Resistant cutting edge technology.
John Paul Dejoria, ROK Mobile Founder and Philanthropist, is on a mission to have parents, community, school officials and PTA Boards join forces to fundraise the money needed to pay for bullet resistant school security that will protect our children and teachers from school violence.

The appreciation was clear when the roars of applause from the students of Valley Vista High School drowned out speaker ROK Mobile CEO, Jonathan Kendrick, when he announced the installation of the Safer Schools For America Instant Remote Door Lock System.

Principal Kari Clitherow and Pat Stelhorn, Director of Maintenance for Huntington Beach Union High School District felt equally overjoyed.

“I think it helps to put the teachers in charge of their room and give them a sense of security,” she said.

The calls received from parents that viewed the TV media coverage were ones of support, gratitude and peace of mind. It was clear that they were more than willing to play a role in helping to fund the security needed to safeguard their child’s school.
BANKS * POLICE STATIONS * COURTS * AIRLINES use Security Camera’s and Guards but added Bullet Resistant Protection to better protect their customer and employees…..WHY HAVEN’T SCHOOLS
The perception of school officials and media is that $1000 for a bullet resistant lock down system, which has no recurring fee, for a classroom is expensive
LET’S COMPARE and ask yourself – What Makes More Sense?
Elementary School with 25 classrooms:

SSFA School Protection System Cost=      $25K (includes lock and shield)
Cost to hire a full time Security Officer=          $50-75K
Security Camera System=                               $100K (+$1000 monthly maintenance charge)

NO MORE EXCUSES! We are offering two fundraisers:
ROK Mobile Fund Raiser
ROK Mobile is offering $24/yr. for every new activation and will donate this money to the PTA which is paid on a monthly basis until all security needs are met. SSFA will match these funds with their security products.
Safer Schools For America Fund Raiser
SSFA is offering a variety of T-Shirts that promote the protection of kids and teachers at school. All proceeds go directly toward supplying the Bullet Resistant School Protection System.
For further information please visit or Call Sage Dyer  562-531-1964

Valley Vista High School Has a New Door in Store


JANUARY 15, 2014

RyPul Threat AssessmentsOn Tuesday, January 13th there was a lot of commotion taking place at Valley Vista High School in Fountain Valley, California. The cause for excitement was a new bulletproof door being installed in all of the classrooms. This door has been featured on the local news before and is making headway thanks to Safer Schools for America. This organization’s mission is to protect both public and private schools from shootings. With a high-tech door lock activated by a key card designed by TownSteel and multiple types of bulletproof door shields including an inconspicuous whiteboard, classrooms can be protected from a possible active shooter incident.

These bulletproof doors have been endorsed by John Paul DeJoria who is well-known co-founding John Paul Mitchell Systems hair care products and ROK Mobile. ROK Mobile was represented at the event on Tuesday because DeJoria’s company supports Safer Schools for America. In fact, $2.00 from every subscription to this phone company results in a donation to the PTA’s of schools in need of these bullet resistant doors. Although DeJoria could not attend the event at Valley Vista, a recording of his support and enthusiasm for the project was presented. His partner, Jonathan Kendrick, was there to deliver a speech on his behalf and to show how ROK Mobile is joining the fight to save students’ and teachers’ lives.

There is no doubt that these doors can withstand rounds of bullets being fired at them. Just ask threat assessment expert for Safer Schools for America, Warren Pulley. His own personal security consulting company RyPul Threat Assessments has endorsed these doors as well. With plenty of years of experience, Pulley has been a member of the United States Air Force, the Los Angeles Police Department, and currently provides security protection for United States diplomats working in the Middle East. If you need proof to see that these doors are effective go to for more information and to see a video of a door being tested by Warren Pulley. Having a threat expert like Pulley has allowed Safer Schools for America to truly expand its goal to install these protective doors in schools all across the country. Parents will have more peace of mind sending their kids to a place where there is security. Valley Vista High School has made history and hopefully other schools will follow suit very soon.
Stephanie Frustaci is a freelance writer and can be found at @ Stephanie-Frustaci

Anyone Else Have Lumps in Their Throats Over Valley Vista High’s New Bulletproof Entries?

YouTube/Safer Schools for America

I distinctly recall at age 11 or so having a Little League baseball game canceled due to smog, “Geez, adults, how did you let this happen?” I thought to myself. “They even sing in the TV commercials, ‘Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.’ This is the national pastime, childhood innocence and my flippin’ lungs you’re messing with.”

OK, so I was a strange kid (hold your applause), but I wonder how many students felt the same way as Valley Vista Continuation High School in Fountain Valley was donated a bulletproof school entry system this week.

Edison High School in Huntington Beach is also scheduled to receive such a system, which includes the $499 door lock shown here that can be operated remotely by somebody inside if an intruder is threatening people on campus:
The systems are being gifted by Safer Schools for America, a Paramount-based company that supplies hardware and ballistic protection to correctional facilities, courthouses and other government institutions, and John Paul Dijoria, the founder of the John Paul Mitchell hair-care line. (For these donations, Dijoria is working through his latest venture, Rok Mobile, “the first wireless provider in the country to offer mobile & music under one roof – for one low price.”)
Perhaps some if not all who attended this week’s donation ceremony in Fountain Valley had lumps in their throats as they realized the sickening school shootings across the country have brought us to such a low point, where we need bulletproof locks, doors and windows at what should be sanctuaries for youth.
Or maybe that’s just a feeling among old farts whose worst fears as children involved the denial of triple-treats at the snack bar because dark plumes from Kaiser Steel nixed a ball game.
Valley Vista Principal Kerry Clitheroe welcomed the gifts, telling KCBS2, “This could happen … at any school.”
Breathe in …

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Bullet resistant doors and locks installed at a Huntington Beach high school

The fortified doors and thick bulletproof glass that protect bankers and airline pilots from armed assailants are moving into Southern California schools.

The Paramount-based security company Safer Schools For America once specialized in bullet-resistant doors and windows for banks and court houses. But the group of ballistics experts turned their attention to schools about two years ago, right after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

“We’re alarmed at the rampant amount of shootings that have been taking place,” said co-founder Ron Triebels.

Two summers ago, on June 7, a gunman went on a shooting spree through the streets of Santa Monica that eventually ended on the Santa Monica College. Five people were killed. Police shot and killed the suspect, 23-year old John Zawahri, on the campus.

RELATED: A look back at the Santa Monica shooting with victim Debra Fine

The bullet-resistant door and lock system the company designed is pretty simple. A layer of thick bullet-resistant film, which doubles as a white-erase board, is bolted to the middle of a normal wood classroom door.

The technology upgrades come with a bullet resistant lock attached to the door that is controlled with a remote assigned to a classroom teacher. The teacher can lock the door with the remote as far as 75 feet away from the room.

An LED light signals that the door is locked but will still be open from the inside in case another student, teacher or staff is seeking safety.

“What school officials have to do is adopt what the banks are doing, what the police stations are doing,” Triebels said. “Why aren’t we doing that for our kids? Why aren’t we protecting the teachers?”

Triebels said school districts struggle with finding funding to pay for enhanced security systems.

“It’s a lot of money,” said Pat Stellhorn, head of maintenance for the Huntington Beach Union High School District. He said the new doors and locks should be installed within two months.

On Tuesday, Valley Vista High School got more than two-dozen bullet resistant door-and-lock security systems thanks to a $25,000 donation from the new wireless company ROK Mobile.

The high school was chosen for the donation because the company owners at Safer Schools For America wanted to start somewhere local — in Orange County. The school is an alternative high school with an on-site day care center for students with children.

Patty Bahena, 17, is a senior at Valley Vista High School. She thinks the school is in a safe neighborhood and doesn’t worry much about a shooter.

“I worry more about the day care than here because my baby is in there,” she said. “The (babies) can’t do anything. They don’t know anything.”

Valley Vista High School principal Kerry Clitheroe said she appreciates the security system donation especially because it doesn’t make the school look militaristic.

“To learn, you have to feel secure and relaxed” she said.

ROK Mobile plans to donate security systems to three more schools, said co-founder Jonathan Kendrick.

The new wireless company has partnered with the Safer Schools For America security company to come up with a fundraising program that school PTAs can use to raise money to install security systems at their schools.


Valley Vista High School promised $50,000 for remote locking system

Students, teachers and staff at Valley Vista High School will be better equipped to survive a shooting on campus with a $50,000 donation from the chairman of ROK Mobile announced Tuesday.

The donation from John Paul DeJoria will fund remotely controlled locks on classroom and office doors that can lockdown a room with the push of a button from as far as 75 feet away. DeJoria and ROK Mobile have partnered with Safer Schools for America to improved safety in light of school shootings like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

“We’re here to fight the fight against school shootings,” said Ron Triebels, CEO of Safer Schools for America.

Pat Stellhorn, director of maintenance, operations and transportation for the Huntington Beach Union High School District, said he was approached by Triebels about a year ago. Initially district officials said they weren’t interested in working with Safer Schools for America to update school security but changed their minds when they heard from students and teachers who wanted to feel safer on campus.

Kerry Clitheroe is principal of Valley Vista High, a continuation high school with more than 300 students who are juniors or seniors. As a former teacher, Clitheroe liked the idea of being able to lock door with the push of a button from anywhere in the classroom.

“I think it helps to put the teachers in charge of their room and give them a sense of security,” she said.

Sean Karol, a Valley Vista High senior from Huntington Beach, said school shootings can happen at anytime and anywhere and looks forward to his school having an extra layer of security.

“I’m glad that there’s other people who see the problem and know that something has to be done,” he said.

The new locks will be installed in 30 to 45 days, Stellhorn said.

Safer Schools for America also wants to provide Valley Vista High with bullet-resistant shields made of durable fiberglass that can be affixed to doors. When tested, the shields were not penetrated by 9 mm, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and 12-gauge pellets and slugs, Triebels said.

John R. Peterson Elementary in Huntington Beach is already set to get these shields, but funding is needed to install them at Valley Vista High.

Contact the writer: 714-796-7831 or



ROK MOBILE in conjunction with Safer Schools for America will be Installing the Classroom Protection Instant Remote Lock System at VALLEY VISTA HIGH SCHOOL, FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA.

Los Angeles, CA, January 12, 2015—John Paul DeJoria, well-known for John Paul Mitchell Hair Care, Patron Tequila, and the recently-launched ROK Mobile, together with Safer Schools for America (SSFA), announced today that they will be installing the Instant Remote Lockdown Protection System at Valley Vista High School in Huntington Beach, California on January 13, 2015.

With the number of School Shootings continuing to rise at an alarming rate, ROK MOBILE who is introducing the latest cutting edge cell phone program will be working with PTA’s on a nationwide fund raiser program that will contribute $24/yr per activation to School Districts for discretionary needs such as School Security etc. Meanwhile, Safer Schools For America will match dollar for dollar all funds procured in Certified Bullet Resistant Security Products.

FACTS: There have been 100 School Shootings since Sandy Hook in December of 2012. -The latest School Shootings: Marysville High School in Washington Five students were killed and just a few days ago the shooting at Florida State University where three students were wounded.

Our goal is to make the American people aware through nationwide Media campaigns, that a bullet resistant system is available and affordable. Parents have the right to know that a system is available now, and it would help safe guard their children at school. We may not be able to prevent the violence from occurring, but we can reduce the risk and protect our children and teachers from being hurt. Protecting them in the same way the airlines protect their pilots; by placing them behind bullet resistant doors. School Police Security nationwide support our School Protection System as it hardens the target preventing a shooter from blasting through a classroom door.

We applaud John Paul and the ROK Mobile Team for creating a Fund Raiser Program that would contribute Millions of Dollars to School Districts through the hard work of our local PTA’s.

For further information please visit or or Call 562-531-1964


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