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About RyPul Threat Assessments Vision statement “RyPul is committed to providing world-class security, protection, and peace of mind to all Americans, we strive daily to become the  industry leader in personal security operations, building security planning and physical security options.” Mission statement “RyPul Threat Assessments is focused on offering experts consultants, physical security specialists and security... Continue Reading →


Jamaica: More Proof that Gun Control Doesn’t Work — The Truth About Guns The documentary video below offers proof — if proof be needed — that gun control doesn’t work. Despite Jamaica’s “tough” gun control laws, the island nation is awash with illegally held firearms and plagued by endless “gun violence.” Make no mistake: Jamaican gun control laws are as draconian as The Brady Campaign or Everytown... Continue Reading →

UK Citizens Could Soon Face Up to 15 years in Prison for Viewing Terrorist Content Online

As we descend into Chaos!



People who repeatedly view terrorist content online could face up to 15 years behind bars in a move designed to tighten the laws tackling radicalisation the home secretary, Amber Rudd, announced on Tuesday.

A new maximum penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment will also apply to terrorists who publish information about members of the armed forces, police and intelligence services for the purposes of preparing acts of terrorism.

The tightening of the law around viewing terrorist material is part of a review of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy following the increasing frequency of terrorist attacks in Britain this year.


“I want to make sure those who view despicable terrorist content online, including jihadi websites, far-right propaganda and bomb-making instructions…

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‘Czech Donald Trump’ wins in landslide: ‘Refugees should behave as guests’

Global Geopolitics

Czech billionaire Andrej Babis and his wife Monika. / AFP / Getty Images

A populist billionaire often referred to as the “Czech Donald Trump” is set to be the next prime minister of the Czech Republic.

Babis has been an outspoken critic of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door migration policy.

“I will not accept refugee quotas for the Czech Republic,” Babis said.

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The United States – RyPul Threat Assessments (RYPUL), is a full-service legal U.S. Corporation dedicated to personal protective security and custom protection specialties for private sector clients throughout the country. Comprised of protective specialists who have operated and provided high-level static and mobile security services around the world, for US Government clientele, Non-Governmental Organizations, Multi-National... Continue Reading →

The world is under attack from terror

From Homegrown Terrorists, To Imported Threats The World Is Under Attack. TERROR IN FRANCE A wave of six terrorist attacks in Paris left at least 130 people dead across the city in the deadliest violence to strike France in decades, November 13, 2015. France declared three days of national mourning. People worldwide paused for a moment of... Continue Reading →

By Juliette Kayyem, CNN National Security Analyst The attacks in Paris were purposefully targeted to impact a city where people go to eat, drink, watch sports and listen to music. These were no military targets, embassies, mass transit systems, hotels holding foreign officials or government buildings. Instead, restaurants, a sporting arena and a concert hall were... Continue Reading →

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