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Arrests Show Arrival of Barrio 18 Gang in Italy

Barrio 18 members arrested in Italy

Italian police arrested 15 suspected Barrio 18 members in Milan and other nearby cities in northern Italy, reported AFP.

The group — which was mostly comprised of Salvadorans but also reportedly included two Italians — is accused of crimes including extortion, drug trafficking, armed robbery and the attempted murder of a rival from the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) gang.

An Italian judge ordered the arrests following an investigation that began in January 2014 after a female Salvadoran accused one of the group’s members of sexually assaulting her, according to AFP.

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Central American gangs like Barrio 18 and MS13, which are known as “maras,” have been operating in Italy for years, particularly in northern immigrant communities, the report added.

InSight Crime Analysis

Over the last two years, security forces in both Italy and Spain have noted the expansion of the MS13 in Europe, and these latest report confirms they are not alone — their great rivals in Barrio 18 have also crossed the ocean.

The key question surrounding this development is whether the spread is a result of Central American migrants bringing mara street gang culture with them and setting up autonomous networks, or whether these new European based factions are running criminal operations with maras in Central America, suggesting the gangs have made the leap into transnational organizations.

Both gangs are also well established in parts of the United States and the US government has already designated the MS13 a transnational criminal organization, ranking them alongside criminal groups such as the Mexican cartels. However, despite evidence of cross-border collaboration in criminal activities, the decentralized nature and highly localized and territorial focus of the maras has always cast doubts on this classification.

There have also been reports of the Spanish maras coordinating with their counterparts in the Americas, but even if this level of cooperation were to expand, it is unlikely they would have the capacity to coordinate serious transatlantic criminal operations. If they were to seek to establish control over transnational activities such as drug trafficking in Europe, they also would likely encounter formidable opposition; in Spain drug trafficking and associated activities such as contract killing is largely controlled by offshoots of Colombian cartels, while Italy is the domain of powerful and well-connected mafias such as the ‘Ndrangheta.


US awards $4.6m to UNICEF for safer schools programme

ISLAMABAD: The United States of America has awarded $4.6 million to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) for the four-year Safer Schools Program in Pakistan. The program aims to ensure children affected by humanitarian crises have access to a quality education by making schools safe from all forms of disasters—natural or man-made.
Assistance provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will increase resilience in affected communities and build the capacity of children, teachers, and parents to prevent, reduce, and cope with challenging situations that impact children’s education. With USAID funding, UNICEF will manage educational services for 53,000 children displaced from North Waziristan. Over 10,000 children, nearly half of whom are girls, have already been identified and enrolled in Temporary Learning Centres and established host communities. Approximately 100 teachers have been trained in psychosocial support, health and hygiene promotion, and techniques for teaching in challenging environments.
“It is important that the educational and social well-being of the innocent children belonging to temporarily displaced families not have their education impacted by this misfortune,” Pakistan’s USAID Mission Director, Gregory Gottlieb said. “Whether these children reside in camps established for the internally displaced population or with communities hosting them, a secure learning environment for a sustainable, quality education is imperative to not just the children but also their communities.”
“We are grateful to USAID for the provision of these funds as they ensure restoring educational services for children of the affected families,” said Angela Kearney, UNICEF Representative in Pakistan. “With these funds, we are currently providing quality education to these children, many of which have never been to school before. It is imperative that their education continues without any disruption when they return to their native areas.”
This program is part of a comprehensive education strategy that United States is implementing in partnership with the government of Pakistan. Other education related activities under this partnership include building or renovating 989 schools serving over 300,000 students, training over 7,000 new teachers, providing more than 1,595 scholarships to aspiring Pakistani teachers, 70 percent of which is committed to women. Since 2005, the United States has also awarded over 3,000 scholarships through the Fulbright and Merit and Needs Based Scholarship Programs.
Counter terrorism: Civil Defence training starts in Girls Colleges. RAWALPINDI, Jan 15 (Online): On the directions of Punjab Government, 2 days civil defence training has started in girls colleges in Rawalpindi. Training would impart by civil defence instructors to some of the students and teachers from 50 colleges to cope and take necessary measures in case of any untoward incident. After two days of training an exam will be taken and certificates would be awarded to the passing candidates. The passed candidates than would impart training to other students and teachers of their respective colleges.
Meanwhile, Punjab Minister for Labour and Manpower and head of Monitoring Committee, Raja Ashfaq Sarwar, inspected 10 public and private institutions located in Rawalpindi city and cantonment areas on Thursday. The provincial minister inspected necessary security arrangements as indicated in the Standing Operative Procedures SOP’s forwarded to the heads of public and private educational institutions regarding adopting precautionary measures to avert any untoward situation after Army Public School Peshawar incident.


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Paramount, CA January 15th, 2015 …. As school shootings soar to record highs and school budgets being the biggest hurdle to providing better school security safety products; ROK Mobile and Safer Schools For America have brought to the forefront a simple and quick way to protect our schools with Bullet Resistant cutting edge technology.
John Paul Dejoria, ROK Mobile Founder and Philanthropist, is on a mission to have parents, community, school officials and PTA Boards join forces to fundraise the money needed to pay for bullet resistant school security that will protect our children and teachers from school violence.

The appreciation was clear when the roars of applause from the students of Valley Vista High School drowned out speaker ROK Mobile CEO, Jonathan Kendrick, when he announced the installation of the Safer Schools For America Instant Remote Door Lock System.

Principal Kari Clitherow and Pat Stelhorn, Director of Maintenance for Huntington Beach Union High School District felt equally overjoyed.

“I think it helps to put the teachers in charge of their room and give them a sense of security,” she said.

The calls received from parents that viewed the TV media coverage were ones of support, gratitude and peace of mind. It was clear that they were more than willing to play a role in helping to fund the security needed to safeguard their child’s school.
BANKS * POLICE STATIONS * COURTS * AIRLINES use Security Camera’s and Guards but added Bullet Resistant Protection to better protect their customer and employees…..WHY HAVEN’T SCHOOLS
The perception of school officials and media is that $1000 for a bullet resistant lock down system, which has no recurring fee, for a classroom is expensive
LET’S COMPARE and ask yourself – What Makes More Sense?
Elementary School with 25 classrooms:

SSFA School Protection System Cost=      $25K (includes lock and shield)
Cost to hire a full time Security Officer=          $50-75K
Security Camera System=                               $100K (+$1000 monthly maintenance charge)

NO MORE EXCUSES! We are offering two fundraisers:
ROK Mobile Fund Raiser
ROK Mobile is offering $24/yr. for every new activation and will donate this money to the PTA which is paid on a monthly basis until all security needs are met. SSFA will match these funds with their security products.
Safer Schools For America Fund Raiser
SSFA is offering a variety of T-Shirts that promote the protection of kids and teachers at school. All proceeds go directly toward supplying the Bullet Resistant School Protection System.
For further information please visit or Call Sage Dyer  562-531-1964

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